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360° Fitness-Bands

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360° Fitness-Bands

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360° Fitness Bands (set of 11) with handles, foot loop, door anchor & transport bag for over 100 exercises

Your complete gym in one bag!


Advantages of the 360° Fitness Bands:

✅ 11-piece set with straps, door anchors, handles, foot straps and carrying bag.

✅ Natural latex and environmentally friendly

✅ 5 strengths for 64 resistance levels: the 5 strengths of the bands give you a total of 64 resistance levels, so you can constantly adjust and increase your workout stimulus

✅ The World's Smallest Gym: The set is super space-saving, extremely versatile and the world's smallest gym.

 2x padded non-slip foam handles for optimal grip

 2x padded footstraps for many leg and butt exercises, so you can train and tone your legs and butt optimally.

 Incl. door anchor: Thanks to the door anchor you can do many exercises at home in the living room or on the way in the hotel room.

 Effective whole body training for over 100 different exercises

 Incl. transport bag for comfortable transport

✔ The 360° Fitness Bands are the world's smallest gym for your home, office or on the go while traveling or on vacation.

✔ The five strengths of the bands give you a total of 64 resistance levels, so you can constantly adjust and increase the training stimulus.

✔ The 360° fitness bands offer you a varied whole body workout for more than 100 exercises and with the padded foot loops you can effectively train leg and butt exercises.

✔ Thanks to the door anchor, you can also ideally do many exercises at home in the living room or on the go in the hotel room.

✔ The practical transport bag allows for easy transport even when travelling, so that you always have your gym with you.


Portable band training set- perfect to get fit now for the year 2021!

You can use the 360° fitness bands (11-piece set) for over 100 different fitness exercises.

The set is suitable for both men and women.

Since the band set can be stored in a carrying bag, you can take it anywhere.

Full Body Workout System:

The 360° fitness bands (11-piece set) includes ankle straps, hand grips, and a door anchor.

This allows you to work out various muscles more effectively, including biceps and triceps, back, shoulders, chest, legs and abs. Exercise bands perfectly replace classic fitness equipment and strength training.

Different difficulty levels by color:

Each fitness band, labeled with its own color, offers different difficulty levels for workouts. So you can gradually expand your fitness program, combine exercises and train different muscles.

  1. Blue pull cord - ultra light (5 kg)
  2. Yellow pull rope - light (7 kg)
  3. Red pull rope - medium (10 kg)
  4. Green pull rope - heavy (15 kg)
  5. Black pull rope - ultra heavy (20 kg)

High quality materials:

Elastic pull ropes are made of natural latex, which is environmentally friendly and features high abrasion resistance and perfect elasticity.

Strength is ensured by metal steel buckle, and the handles are non-slip and comfortable.


Scope of delivery:

  • 5 latex tubes in different thicknesses (5-20Kg).
  • 2 handles
  • 2 foot loops
  • 1 door anchor
  • + FREE transport bag
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